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About Us

I am a French Bulldogs breeder with 8-9 years of experience and ​offer French bulldog puppies for sale, my Frenchie puppies for sale are cared for by in a family environment . I breed to the standard of the French Bulldogs breed. My French Bulldogs puppies for sale have great temperaments, are low to the ground, and have the desirable wrinkles that French Bulldogs are known for. Unfortunately, this is a breed that has been over-bred, with many progeny over the years losing the characteristics of the standard, and becoming riddled with health problems. French Bulldogs are a very unique breed that require a lot of time and dedication in order to produce quality puppies that are sound, healthy, and free from problems. The French Bulldogs puppies for sale that I offer as a breeder are raised in a home environment, and are completely socialized with children, strangers, and other pets. They are also healthy animals that are bred to the standard. Breeding to the French Bulldogs standard is an ongoing process, that is never finished. With each litter I strive to improve my animals from the prior generation without compromising the health and soundness of my French Bulldogs puppies.


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​You can also check out all of our French bulldogs and our English bulldog puppies for sale in USA And Canada .


Our commitment here is to provide to you the most beautiful French Bulldogs. These puppies are raised in the same environment with our kids and other few pets in the house with lots of socialization. If you have been in search of a French Bulldogs Pet then look no more, your journey ends here. We make sure that they are given proper food nutrition, treatment and care. But if you are a broker or pet store owner or unethical breeder, you are in the wrong place. We only sell to loving homes looking to add a family member to their home. We define our puppies based on the quality as you can see at first sight.


It is very simple and easy for you to find with us one of the best family member puppy you can ever ask for. We are so much in love with all of our puppies so we take into serious consideration the kind of home we place them into. We have been breeding one type of puppy for several years and we believe we have great experience with producing this kind of breed with under very healthy conditions. We guarantee that our puppies are healthy, high quality and lovely puppies.


We do not just sell puppies to make money so if you are a broker or unethical breeder, you should be in the wrong place. We will always contact you in the future in request of pictures and vet records of your puppy. Our joy is not in the money you give us but i lies on the pictures or videos that we receive from families like you but that adopted a puppy from us in the past. As you adopt a puppy from us, we please ask that you accept us as a friend too.


The feeling of knowing that we fulfilled or exceeded our customers satisfaction is a great sensation for us. French Bulldogs have always had a special place in my heart for years and they are just the biggest part of our life. We do not just breed and sell them like they are some merchandises but on the contrary we love and raise them like they are our children.


We are a small Family based kennel that breed as part time and to gain some experience in the breed. Quality is our number one target and meeting the breed standards, health, conformation and temperament are what we strive for. For us raising a puppy is not easy but finding the right home for that puppy is a bigger task, we love them and so the homes that they spend the rest of their lives in is a big factor for us. We know that by now you know you are in the right place and you must surely find our next companion here with us. Our main focus is on providing very good quality French Bulldogs so that our customers can be satisfied in the end of the purchase. We do all what is necessary to get your trust and fulfill your expectation because it is the right thing to do.

Try to become familiar with our current puppies and you browse through our website. We started this since 2009 and we have worked a great deal on this particular breed. It is not our primary job to breed and sell puppies, I work for the civil service and my partner is a soldier but we plan to become full time breeders as soon as we both retire. We always understand and put into consideration all the factors to be put into consideration when making the decision on buying or adding a new bulldog puppy to your family. For this reason we support you during this period so that you don’t make the wrong choice. We will walk you every step of the way because we feel that we understand the bulldog breed better than you do.

They have an alert expression, interested and curious. They are always seeking love and attention wherever and whenever they can get it. They are more activate when they are young but will become little bit lazy as they grow to adults. Our intentions for our French Bullies are good and we believe in the saying that goes "Quality has no price because its priceless". We breed the best French Bulldogs we can breed and the best pedigrees. The dogs we choose for our breeding program are healthy and have great temperament and conformation. The puppies we raise are AKC and CKC registrable.

It is beyond every reasonable doubt true that breeding only one specie of Dog allows the breeder to best understand their health and needs so that's exactly what we do here. Besides that we help several animal rescues by donating our time/money and making sure that the less fortunate of our friends get a second chance to get a better life.

Quality puppies ready for loving homes. They are all raised with our children and other pets at home with much love and care. They have their own beds and toys but often times they are with us in the living room of our house. When you buy a puppy from us, the puppy comes with current shots, DE-worming and are all inspected by our vet. We don’t sell puppies for breeding purpose so if you plan to breed the puppies in the future please tell us now before you buy. French Bulldogs are dependable affectionate dogs that are very active, muscular and intelligent.