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Health Guarantee

BREEDER Warrants:

Based on the known genetics of your puppy's pedigree, the puppy is warranted by the BREEDER to be in excellent health and free from communicable diseases. It becomes up to the BUYER to take the newly purchased puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within a period of 72 hours from the date and time of purchase. This assures the BUYER that the puppy's/dog's condition is properly represented. All veterinary costs after leaving our kennel, no matter what the reason, and including the 72 hour period, are the responsibility of the BUYER. The veterinary visit is mandatory to maintain the warrantee.

The BREEDER does NOT warrant the following on ANY puppy/dog sold:

Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), Elbow Dysplasia

Entropian, Ectropian, Cataracts or any other eye condition not listed above

Behavioral problems or personality traits not associated with temperament

Poor training or uncontrolled dogs

Any type of parasite the puppy may acquire from the date of sale and onward

Conditions not set out herein

Should a life threatening illness or birth defect be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian in the 72 hour time period, it must be reported to the BREEDER within that 72 hour time period as well. Written proof of same from the veterinarian must be submitted to the BREEDER within 5 days (on official veterinarian letterhead) in order to obtain a refund of the purchase price of the puppy/dog minus the deposit of $_______. The puppy/dog must be returned to the BREEDER to receive the refund, as well as with this contract. It is the BUYERS responsibility to return the puppy/dog at their own expense to this kennel.

If all the contract conditions have been adhered to and suitable evidence can be produced of a life threatening illness ( within the 72 hours ), the puppy may be returned to the BREEDER in good, clean condition at the BUYERS expense. The Registration papers (signed over to the BREEDER) as well as this signed contract and any veterinary records must accompany the puppy/dog. A puppy of the same sex and quality, selected by the BREEDER, will be guaranteed to the BUYER from another litter, though not necessarily from the same bitch nor from the next litter to arrive.

The BREEDER reserves the right to refund the BUYER his original price (minus the amount of the non-refundable deposit of $ ________) of the puppy should the BREEDER decide not to place another puppy with the BUYER. Alternatively, where the BUYER chooses to keep the said dog, the BREEDER shall, at the option of the BREEDER, and upon proof of spay/neuter, reimburse the purchaser an amount determined by the BREEDER in line with the condition and its effects on the dog's life. In any case, this amount shall not exceed, in total and in combination for all conditions, a lifetime maximum of one half the purchase price of the puppy. The BREEDER may request that the BUYER obtain further opinions in the case of x-rays, eye and/or heart examinations. Obtaining additional opinions will be the responsibility of the BUYER. The BREEDER may request to have any reports or x-rays mailed or shipped to the BREEDER's veterinarian. Under no circumstances will the BREEDER be responsible for the cost of any veterinarian bills for any reason whatsoever, nor will the BREEDER be responsible for the cost of surgery for any reason whatsoever.

I strongly urge BUYERS to continue the pet insurance to help defray the cost of veterinary care no matter what choice you make.